Man Destroys Ex-Boss' House With Digger For Revenge After Getting Fired

In the past few days, a video has landed on the Internet, in which we can watch the revenge of a worker who was fired by his boss.

Before that, he built a luxurious house for his boss, and as a sign of revenge, the worker finally demolished the house with a digger.

The video clip was captured in the city of Muskoka in the Canadian province of Ontario, and the video clip is already a hit on the Internet. Many netizens wrote that the worker taught the rude boss a lesson with his move.

The man, who was employed in the construction industry, lost his temper because of his boss's move, and soon after, he used a digger to demolish and damage some luxury houses owned by his boss.

Watch the moment when an angry worker took justice into his own hands and took revenge on his boss by demolishing his house, which he had spent months building. Did he go too far with his action?
Son of a biscuit!
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