Man Loses Car's Control While Drifting, Ends Up Hitting Curb

A video has landed online in which a Mustang driver took care for a real drama in the middle of the city.

Despite many parked vehicles, he tested his talent in drifting, but soon lost control of the vehicle and crashed badly into the curb.

In the video, we can first follow the scene with the driver of a BMW vehicle as he shone with his drifting abilities. A similar action was provided by another driver in the video, but this time it did not go according to plan.

While drifting in the middle of the city, he soon lost control of the Mustang vehicle and then crashed into the curb. The real luck in the accident is that he missed a number of parked cars on the side with his vehicle.

Take a look at a failed drift attempt in the middle of the city where the driver smashed his Mustang. One more reason that drifting doesn't belong on busy streets.
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