Man Places A GoPro Outside African Wild Dogs Den To Capture Puppies

These days, a video from a GoPro camera set up by the author in front of a den of African Wild Dogs has landed online.

The camera captured a scene when the adult animals returned from the hunt to feed their puppies waiting for them in a safe shelter.

The video, captured in South Africa, reveals what is happening at the lair of African Wild Dogs - the adult animals arrived there with a catch and then fed their puppies in front of a GoPro camera.

The camera was set up by a man who approached the puppies while the adult animals were hunting. The scenes are already a real hit online - the video has garnered more than 100,000 views on YouTube alone and impressed many animal lovers.

Take a look at the scenes we witness at the lair of African Wild Dogs as their parents feed their hungry puppies. Will the video impress you too?
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