Man 'Pranks' Sleeping Wife By Waxing Her Eyebrows & It's a Seriously Cruel Joke

Human nonsense and the desire for recognition do not really have a limit. This has also been proven by a couple who published a stupid prank on the web.

The husband glued wax strip over his wife's eyes and eyebrows while she was sleeping, and then the drama just started...

The CAN Family is a fairly fresh Youtube channel, where the spouses post pranks. Because the woman had pranked her husband by putting a wax strip on his leg, the husband decided for a revenge. And in what a way...

While his wife was sleeping, he glued wax strip over her face, then captured her response to the camera and shared the video on the web.

The woman was not happy, but in the end, it all ended well - the wax strip was removed and the eyebrows stayed in the right place. Many now encourage the wife to devorce from her husband.

How would you respond if your partner would do something like this to you?
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