Man Removed A Beaver Dam, Rushing Water Almost Swept Him Away

A video clip landed on YouTube months ago, where we can watch an unusual scene in nature.

There, a man began to remove a dam made by beavers - the river stopped there, and the water began to flood the surrounding area due to the closed river bed.

The video clip, which landed on the YouTube network months ago, is already a real hit there - to date, it has reached almost 3 million views on the aforementioned network alone, and many Internet users are enthusiastic about the scene.

msTECH86, YouTube
We can watch a scene in nature, in which the author of the video started removing branches and other material that blocked the path of the river. The structure was made by beavers, but the man had to tear it down, as this changed the course of the river, and the surrounding area began to flood.

During the demolition, the man was very lucky, as the raging water almost swept him away. Watch the scene in the middle of the forest, when the author of the video broke down the beaver dam, thereby freeing the path of the river.
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