Man Saves Woman And Her Dog Seconds Before Car Sinks

These days, the web has once again been surrounded by a scene filmed by eyewitnesses on camera years ago in the city of Baton Rouge in the US state of Louisiana.

An unknown man came to the aid of the driver without hesitation, who drove her vehicle into the water.

The video, which landed online a few years ago, is a real hit to date - it has garnered more than 2.5 million views on YouTube alone, and many online users have praised the young man's selfless act.

Without thinking, he jumped into the water to save the driver from the sunken vehicle. He was successful in this, then the driver told him that there was still a dog in her car. The man then managed to save the dog as well.

Look at the happy ending, which could have ended in tragedy without the help of the young man. Well done for such a brave act!
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