Man Shares Apartment With Family Of Huge Owls

A very special video is coming from the Netherlands, in which the journalist team visited a man who is really extremely lucky.

Jos Baart thought pigeons were singing under the window when he found out one day what was really going on in front of the house.

The Dutchman called news reporters shortly after noticing that Europe's biggest owl, the Eurasian eagle-owl, had made a nest in a planter in front of his window.

Eurasian eagle-owls live in the mountain forests of Europe, North Africa and Asia. They grow up to 65 centimeters (25 inches) in length, and are recognizable mainly by the head tufts of feathers and bright orange irises. They are nocturnal predators that feed on smaller rodents such as mice.

Jos Baart was lucky enough to have a Eurasian eagle-owl nest right in front of his window. Now, three baby birds beautify him every day, which he accompanies through the window all day long. This Dutchman is rerally lucky!
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