Man With No Arms Chops Wood In Czech Republic

In recent months, a video has landed online of a man without arms from the Czech Republic showing how to tchop wood.

With his perseverance and procedure, he impressed many online users who are enthusiastic about the video.

In the video, we can see a scene where Petr Schneider from the town of Okrouhla in the Czech Republic showed the process of chopping wood with an axe. When Peter was 12 years old, he lost both his arms in an electrical accident, yet he persevered in life and did many work tasks on his own.

This time he filmed a scene where he was holding an axe with his chin while chopping wood. In doing so, he did the job with distinction, and impressed many online users with his way.

Watch Petr Schneider from the Czech Republic, who has lost his arms when he was 12, how he chops wood. Will he impress you with the procedure as well?
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