Manchester United And Liverpool Fans Applauded In Support Of Ronaldo

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez announced on social media last Monday that they had been hit by a tragedy.

Both are mourning the newborn, and Manchester United and Liverpool fans have expressed support for Ronaldo during the horrific event.

Ronaldo announced in October that he and his partner Georgina Rodriguez were expecting twins - unfortunately he announced on Monday that the boy had lost his life during childbirth and the girl had survived the birth.

Cristiano Ronaldo missed Tuesday's English Premier League match in Liverpool due to a family tragedy, but fans of both paid tribute to one of the best footballers of all time with a touching gesture.

Seven minutes after the match, most of the fans at the stadium got to their feet and then expressed their support for Ronaldo by singing the anthem 'You Never Walk Alone'. Take a look at the moving gesture of the fans at the last football match between Manchester United and Liverpool.
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