Man's Funny Beluga Song Attracts Beluga Whales Who Sing Back

A video recording of an unusual scene at sea has once again spread online.

A man in a kayak tried to attract beluga whales by singing and making special calls, and he was more than successful in what he did.

The video clip is a real hit on the Internet - to date, it has reached almost 10 million views on YouTube alone, and the scenes have impressed many animal lovers around the world.

At first, the man in the kayak called the whales, who soon after swam to the surface and curiously observed what was happening. Later, the man dived into the sea to get up close and personal with the friendly beluga whales.

There they prepared a very special surprise for him - they sang underwater, and the scenes captivated many internet users. See what scenes a diver witnessed when he called beluga whales from a kayak.
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