Matteo Bocelli Sings "Can't Help Falling In Love" By Elvis Presley Inside A Cave

In 2018, the 200th anniversary of its discovery was celebrated in Postojna Cave in Slovenia, and at the celebration many witnessed a wonderful singing performance.

The video landed online last month, and it has already impressed many music lovers all around the globe.

The highlight of the ceremony was without a doubt the guest Matteo Bocelli, who sang a song by Elvis Presley together with the Slovenian singer Nuska Drascek.

Matteo Bocelli is a barely 22-year-old singer who has a lot of fame, mainly thanks to his father - the world-renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

At the mentioned event, Matteo and Nuska sang the song "Can't Stop Falling In Love", which was signed by Elvis Presley in 1961. Listen to the wonderful performance that has impressed many online these days!
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