McDonald's Christmas Commercial For 2020 Will Touch Your Feelings

The famous McDonalds also posted its Christmas advertisement online last month.

The animated video has already impressed many viewers around the world, and with the moving content, the Christmas ad will surely touch your emotions as well.

McDonalds has unveiled a video titled "Inner Child" for this year's 2020 Christmas ad - in the commercial, they presented the story of a young boy and his mother. She did her best to revive the family tradition at Christmas with her son, but he ignored her several times.

He did all this despite the fact that deep inside he felt fascinated and happy by his mother's ideas. By visiting a McDonalds restaurant, however, he let the inner child out and surprised his mother.

Take a look at the touching Christmas ad they have prepared for 2020 at the world's largest fast food chain McDonalds. Will they touch you too with their wonderful animation?
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