Migrants Brazenly Try To Board Truck At Barricade In Calais

French officials and hospital staff confirmed that migrants are deliberately causing accidents to create traffic tailbacks on the N216 motorway into the ferry port, and the A16 to the Channel Tunnel. They are also putting up barricades.

Quentin Patte, an emergency doctor at Calais Hospital, told The Mail on Sunday: 'Targeting motorists in order to cause accidents is a new tactic. A colleague treated someone recently who was injured when a migrant threw something at their vehicle near the port.'

Another doctor at the hospital revealed migrants come into the hospital daily after being wounded in vicious knife fights in the camp.

He said: 'They come in every day with stab wounds. There is particularly a rivalry between the Afghans and the Sudanese. They are given priority because their wounds are so serious."

A paramedic told our reporters: "This is happening all the time now. It's a war out there."

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