Miracle After The Earthquake: Rescuers Found A 3-Year-Old Boy And A Newborn!

After yesterday's tragedy in Turkey and Syria, many videos where we can follow the rescue of those trapped under the rubble have been circulating on the Internet.

After 22 hours, a three-year-old boy was rescued, and a newborn born after the earthquake was also rescued alive from the rubble.

The death toll is rising sharply after a devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria - local authorities estimate that there could be as many as 20,000 deaths. Despite the horrific numbers, rescuers are witnessing miracles, as they still find people trapped under the rubble.

A story with a happy ending comes from Malataya, where rescuers managed to rescue a three-year-old boy alive from under the rubble after 22 hours.

The rescuers made their way to the three-year-old:

Rescuers also saved two boys:

The shatteringly outcome of the rescue also comes from Syria, where a woman trapped in the rubble in Aleppo gave birth. The rescuers managed to save the newborn alive, but unfortunately the mother died during childbirth.

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