Monkey Surprises Dog With A Hand Up The Butt, Smells Its Hand

The internet surrounds the scene with a monkey in the main role that surprised a dog in a really unusual way.

The poor dog never even dreamed of the kind of "surprise" that awaited it in the company of the monkey, who made many online users laughing with its act!

At the end of February, a video clip landed online in which we can see the epic scene, captured by dog and monkey owner. Just ten seconds of action was enough for a pure laughter!

The monkey initially approached the unsuspecting dog, observed his back for a while, then dug its fingers deep into the dog. He jumped off scared as expected, and the monkey finally once again laughed many viewers as it sniffed its fingers.

Will the scene in the video make you laugh too? Well, apparently, even monkeys show their affection for the loving ones...
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