Mother Shares Beautiful Moment As Autistic Daughter Says First Word

The web was recently circulated by a moving video in which Briana Blankenship, the mother of a girl with autism, filmed a real miracle.

Her little girl has never spoken a word because of autism, and while driving, everything changed.

Briana Blankenship posted a moving scene online with her 5-year-old daughter Taylor, who has autism. She hasn't said a word since birth, and her mother has almost already come to terms with it. Nevertheless, one day she witnessed a big miracle.

Her daughter spoke while driving to gymnastics training - at the encouragement she uttered the word "mama" for the first time, and her mother was so happy to hear it.

Take a look at the moving scene when 5-year-old girl Taylor with autism spoke up for the first time in her life and made her mother happy. Well done to the girl for the first words spoken!
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