Motorcyclist Drives By Burning House, Immediately Starts Putting Out The Fire

A motorcyclist known under the name Citrus Elmo on Youtube has uploaded a video of a dramatic action while riding a bike.

There was a small fire on a wooden house near one of homes in his neighborhood, so he quickly stopped the bike and came to the rescue!

The fire was caused by dry weed burning, and the fire then quickly spread to the fence and to the wooden garden house. When the motorist noticed the scene, he quickly parked his bike, then without any hesitation came to help!

His actions have been praised by many online commentators, but many complaints are directed towards the firefighters and the homeowner. The motorcyclist was the one who did the most work when the fire was extinguished!

See how his action was captured by a GoPro camera mounted on the body of a motorcyclist. Well done for such a quick action!
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