Motorcyclist Helps Dead Car On Busy Interstate In California

For many drivers, the biggest nightmare is that their vehicle breaks down in the middle of the highway.

This is exactly what happened to one of the drivers from the United States in June, but he was lucky that a good motorcyclist came by.

The video, recorded by a camera on a motorcyclist's helmet, has reached more than 100,000 views on the YouTube network to date. The motorcyclist was driving on a highway in Los Angeles when he saw a driver in trouble in front of him. His vehicle broke down in the middle of the highway, so a motorcyclist came to his aid.

He warned other drivers of the danger and then helped the unfortunate by pushing the car together to a safer place.

Despite the courage of a motorcyclist, we do not recommend such assistance on the highway, as a collision and tragedy can occur quickly. Well, the driver was no doubt grateful to him for his selfless help.
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