Mount Etna Volcano Eruption On Sicily Captured In Breathtaking Video

On Tuesday afternoon, a new eruption of Mount Etna volcano was witnessed in Sicily, and the airport in Catania was temporarily closed due to volcanic ash.

According to the latest information, no one was injured, and the outbreak did not cause any material damage.

Volcanic ash covered many roofs, streets and cars in Catania, which rose about a kilometer high along with the smoke. The web has been surrounded by videos of the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily, and many of them are true masterpieces.

Such is the video captured by Giò Giusa from Italy. In it, we can follow the raw power of nature soon after the eruption of the 3,300-meter-high volcano Etna.

Eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily (Author: Giò Giusa):

The entire event was summed up in an equally excellent video by the Italian media house Local Team, and their work received a great response, especially on the social network Facebook. See how Mount Etna volcano erupted in Sicily.

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