Mountain Biker Captures His Sick Jump Over Tour de France Peloton

Valentin Anouilh is a French man who adores all kinds of adrenaline. He is also involved in mountain biking, and these days, he posted a special clip on the web.

He jumped over the peloton of the Tour de France cycling race.

If you have watched the past 10th stage of the famous Tour de France cycling event, then you may have also noticed the crazy jump of an adrenaline enthusiast.

19-year-old Valentine Anouilh jumped over the track with his mountain bike just at the moment when the peloton was passing!

The whole scene was captured by his friends on the camera, and the video was even shot by his GoPro camera, mounted on the helmet. See how the 19-year-old performed a 16 meters (52,5 feet) long jump over the peloton at the Tour de France cycling race!
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