Mountain Biker Doesn't Wear Protection, Get Herself Covered In Chollas

Even with cycling, protection is on first place. There can be a fall on every meter, and some of such falls can even end tragically.

A video clip landed on the internet these days, in which we can see a female cyclist's mistake. She fell straight on the chollas with her bike, followed by painful drama.

Because the cyclist did not have the right equipment - she sat on her bike in shorts and a T-shirt, she didn't even have a helmet - she quickly realized her mistake when she fell.

She rolled awkwardly right at the chollas, then a friend helped her remove the spines.

For almost five minutes she stood still in tears as pieces of cactus were removed from her body, and finally the cyclist realized that in the future, when riding the bike, it would be better to have protective gear on.
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