MrBeast Pays For 1,000 Surgeries For Blind People To See For The First Time

A few days ago, a video of Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, made thousands of people crying due to happiness.

All of them had problems with their eyesight, but with a simple but at the same time expensive operation, their eyesight was restored and their lives became better thanks to Jimmy.

The video he posted on YouTube in the past few days has reached more than 30 million views to date, and many netizens are impressed with MrBeast and his charity.

Jimmy Donaldson is a 24-year-old from the city of Wichita in the American state of Kansas, who is considered one of the biggest creators of video content on the YouTube network. On the mentioned network, under the name MrBeast, he publishes many challenges and pranks, but he also shows his good heart many times.

These days, he published a video on his YouTube channel in which he made a thousand almost blind people happy. He paid the cost of eye surgery for each of them, which restored their sight, and surprised some of them with money or other luxurious gifts.
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