Muddy Dog Having A Good Time

Pets always make us laugh with their antics, but sometimes they dare too much.

These days, the Labrador took care of the owner's displeasure, when he ran into the mud in front of the owner and took a mud bath there.

The video clip, which was made in the city of Tuggeranong, Australia, is already a real hit on the Internet - it has reached more than half a million views on YouTube alone, and the scene made many animal lovers laugh online.

A Labrador named Otis rolled in the mud in front of his owner at a dog park in Tuggeranong, ignoring his owner. She was definitely not the happiest, but she laughed at the scene nonetheless.

Take a look at the cute video where we can follow the dog as he rolled in the mud in front of his owner. Will he make you laugh with his feat?
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