Nabe Gets A Golden Buzzer With Hilarious Hair Impressions On BGT 2024

At the last audition of the Britain's Got Talent 2024 show, a 33-year-old Japanese man named Nabe presented himself these days and made many in the hall laugh with his performance.

Amanda Holden was the most enthusiastic about his performance, who pressed the Golden Buzzer for the hilarious contestant. This puts him straight into the semi-finals of the BGT 2024 show.

The video clip of the funny audition is already a hit on the Internet - almost 400,000 users around the world have watched the performance of the Japanese man on YouTube alone.

Britain's Got Talent, YouTube
Nabe introduced himself to the judges and the audience with a very unusual act. With the help of his hair, he performed as many famous characters, in the end he even introduced himself as judge Simon Cowell. Without a doubt, it's a performance like we've never seen before on the got talent stage.

Watch the hilarious performance of a contestant named Nabe who made the judges laugh on Britain's Got Talent 2024 these days and even won a Golden Buzzer. Will he make you laugh too?
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