NHL Commentator Avoids A Puck To The Head By Inches

Hockey is a very aggressive and dangerous sport. Not only for players on the ice, but also for many spectators. This is also evidenced by a video clip that was captured during the latest NHL match.

In it we can see the scene when a hockey puck misses the commenter's head by inches.

At the NHL match between Columbus Blue Jackets and Tempa Bay Lightning, the camera caught the scene when it could all end up with a terrible injury for the commentator Pierre McGuire. Well, luckily it didn't!

The hockey puck flew only a few inches past his head, and everything was captured by a camera, which was finally hit by a hockey puck.

After that, the sports commentator was in a quite big shock and the video quickly circled the web. See how lucky the commentator Pierre McGuire was on the previous NHL match!
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