Octopus Swims Ashore To Be Petted By Bathers

A video from Italy has landed online these days, in which swimmers along the beach filmed a really unusual scene.

An octopus swam all the way to the shore, apparently wanting to be pampered by the children watching it from the beach.

From the Italian region of Sardinia comes a video from the municipality of Palau, when they captured an unusual scene with an octopus on the beach there. The animal was not afraid of people by the beach - it swam all the way to the land, where it let itself be touched and caressed by the children who watched her while swimming.

The video, which the mother of the child seen in the video posted online, is already a real hit on social media. Many animal lovers are enthusiastic about the courage of the octopus.

See what an interesting scene batehrs on a beach in Italy witnessed when they were visited by an octopus. Have you ever experienced such an unusual encounter?
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