Official Trailer For Tom & Jerry Movie 2021

Tom & Jerry is a cartoon that every one of us knows it for sure. The first episode was aired as early as 1940, and the last part was published in 1958.

Despite the early existence of the cartoon, it is still very popular today, and is considered one of the classics in the cartoon genre.

Many fans of Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse have been delighted by another piece of news these days - the Tom & Jerry movie will be released next year, and many are already excited thanks to the trailer.

In just one day, the trailer for the Tom & Jerry movie was viewed on the YouTube network alone by over 7 million online users, and positive comments are pouring like crazy. The director for the Tom & Jerry movie is Tim Story, and the producer is Chris DeFaria.

This time, Tom and Jerry will move to New York City, where they will take care of new adventures in their own style. Are you also looking forward to the Tom and Jerry movie?
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