Old Couple Is In Tears After Violin Serenade Surprise On Wedding Anniversary

The web is surrounded by a moving video in which we can follow a wonderful surprise for two older lovers.

They promised each other eternal fidelity 67 years ago, and in the past months, on their wedding anniversary, they were moved to tears by violin performance.

The couple in the video fell in love at the age of 15, and they still travel through life together today. They will soon be 90 years old, and last year they were surprised on their 67th wedding anniversary with really touching move.

They prepared a sympathetic violin performance for grandparents to celebrate the long years of their happy marriage. On the anniversary, they both said they were still very much in love.

Take a look at the sympathetic surprise at which Grandpa and Grandma were moved to tears for their 67th wedding anniversary. Will they impress you with their emotional response as well?

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