Orangutan Wears Zoo Visitor's Sunglasses After They Fell Into Her Enclosure

A video from a ZOO in Indonesia landed online a month ago, in which we can follow an unusual scene.

Visitors to the zoo dropped sunglasses that landed right in the orangutan's enclosure.

The video is already a real success on social networks - it has reached millions of views to date, and you will laugh at the scene with the orangutan from the bottom of your heart.

The funny scene was filmed at Taman Safari Zoo in Indonesia, and in the video we can follow a curious orangutan. She went to the sunglasses, which had previously been lost by a visitor to the ZOO, put them on and finally enjoyed posing.

In the end, the orangutan caretakers took the glasses and returned them to the rightful owner. Take a look at a cute scene from the ZOO where we can follow an orangutan who was passionate about sunglasses.
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