Otter Jumps Onto Boat Escaping Orca With Seconds To Spare

In July, a video made by members aboard one of the boats landed online.

In the sea, they saw a helpless otter fleeing from a hungry orca, and the animal saved its life in a very special way.

The unusual scene was filmed near Halibut Cove in Alaska. The group on the boat noticed an otter in the distance in the sea, so they recorded the scene on a mobile phone. At that time, they did not yet know what or to whom the otter was fleeing.

They soon found that there is an orca chasing the otter, which most likely wanted to eat the helpless animal. Orcas are known predators at the top of the sea food chain, as they even attack sharks and whales.

But the otter managed to escape the orca - and in what a way. It saved its life by climbing on a boat, and people didn't bother it in such a stressful moment. See how the otter saved its life from the orca.
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