Otter's Family Has Sweetest Reaction When They Reunite With Lost Baby

The web is surrounded by a touching video from Singapore where we can follow an otter baby.

He lost track of his family, so he called for help out loud. He searched for his family all day, according to rescuers.

The otter is a beast from the marten family found in many parts of the world. They are completely adapted to life in water, and grow to an average length of 90 cm (3 ft), exceptionally over one meter. An adult animal weighs an average of about 10 kilograms (22 lbs), and most of the time they spend in the water where they catch fish.

In a video from Singapore, good people came to the aid of a lost baby looking for his family. Since they could not find it together, they took care of the baby, and after a while they returned to the island, where they found the animal.

They soon tracked down the family of the little otter and filmed their reunion on camera. Take a look at a beautiful scene that will make your heart beat faster.
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