Owl Delivers The Letter, Video Goes Viral With 5 Million Views

An adorable video from Russia, which is already a real hit online, landed on the YouTube network at the end of last year.

All the attention in it was stolen by an owl, which delivered a very special letter to the author of the video.

The video, which landed online at the end of October, has already garnered nearly 5 million views to date. The scenes impressed many online users, who were most impressed by the image of the mighty owl.

The owl landed on the window sill of the author of the video, holding a very special letter in its beak. Namely, it  brought him an electricity bill, and with its attitude when receiving the letter, it provided a dose of laughter.

Watch a video from Russia where an owl stole all the attention when it delivered an electricity bill to the author of the video. Will you yourself be impressed by the image of the owl?
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