Owner Tucks His Cat Into His Own Little Bed Every Night

These days, the web has been surrounded by a sympathetic video in which the cat named Eric stole all the attention.

He wants to be with his owner every minute of the day, and by doing so, he always brightens his day.

Eric's owner says says that just like puppies, kittens can be very kind and loving to their owners. As a proof, he posted a video online in which we can follow his cat's antics.

Because he works from home, he is also always occupied by cats. In the bedroom, he even made a cat bed for cat Eric, in which he sleeps. But only for a short time, because in the middle of the night he always comes to his owner.

Look at another proof that kittens can also be very loving animals. Do you also have a cat at home that shows its gratitude and love to you every day?
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