Owners Turn On A Camera To See What Their Husky Dogs And Cats Do While They Sleep

A few months ago, a video landed on the Interent, in which there was no shortage of laughter.

The owners of three puppies and three cats repeatedly filmed themselves in the middle of the night to see what the pets were doing while they slept the next morning.

The video, which the owners of the animals published on their YouTube channel North Yuki Husky, is already a real hit there - it has reached more than a million views to date, and judging by the reactions, the scene made many animal lovers laugh online.

When watching the video, the owners still wonder if other people also let their pets sleep in the bed. They themselves say that this is already a routine, and dogs and cats appreciate the mentioned gesture very much.

Watch a cute video where we can follow what dogs and cats do when their owners are sleeping. Do you let pets to sleep in your bed?
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