Package Thief In Canada Gets Car Stuck In Snow Bank

Especially in the US, package theft is a fairly common occurrence. Some people steal packages from the yards, and they are often filmed by security cameras.

The man who took care of the theft of the package these days was unlucky during his reckless act.

During the theft, he was filmed by the owner of the house, and the man tried to run away from him with his vehicle. He quickly shifted into reverse, then drove the car over a pile of snow. And that's where he got the lesson.

The car got stuck in the snow, and the package thief was no longer able to move his vehicle. At that moment the owner called the police for help.

In a few minutes they had already arrived at the scene, and the package thief was still there. Police have arrested him, and he will have to defend his act before a judge. Lesson learned?
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