Paraglider's Terrifying Close Call In Spain As Parachute Gets Tangled

These days, a video landed on the Internet, in which we can watch the real horror experienced high in the air by skydiver Kevin Philipp.

In the month of July, he performed acrobatics in the air, and while doing so, the parachute got tangled. He saved his life in the last seconds.

The video, in which we can follow skydiver Kevin, is already a real hit across social networks. He filmed his flight with a parachute when he witnessed a real horror - namely, the parachute got tangled in the air, as a result of which he fell at high speed towards the ground.

He saved his life in the last seconds when he activated the reserve parachute. Along with the video, he wrote that he can only be grateful that everything turned out the way it did.

The incident happened over the municipality of Organya in Spain, and many we users wrote to the skydiver that he was reborn. See how lucky skydiver Kevin Philipp was in the accident.
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