Paratrooper Blows His Big Moment In Front Of The King Of Spain

October 12 is considered to be a national day in Spain, celebrated with numerous parades across the country.

Spanish King Felipe VI, who was crowned King on June 19 2014, also visited one of the celebration parades, where he saw the accident of a paratrooper with his own eyes during the celebration.

The organizers wanted to spice up the celebration on the streets with a parachute performance, and they also fulfilled their wishes. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned, as the paratrooper crashed straight into the pole and hovered in the mid-air.

The whole occasion was witnessed by the King of Spain, and the assembled crowd applauded loudly at the unfortunate incident of the paratrooper.

Fortunately, the paratrooper was not injured in the feat and later successfully stepped on solid ground with the help of organizers and few volunteers. See what a scene they witnessed in Spain two days ago!
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