Parents Bring Little Girl To Tears With A Special Surprise Gift

These days, the web has once again circulated by a moving video in which a husband and wife moved a black girl to tears with a special gift.

They have been taking care of the girl for some time, as she was previously in an orphanage. That day, however, everything changed.

Paige Zezulka posted a video online in which she and her husband made their daughter cry. She spent more than 3 years in an orphanage, and after years of waiting, happiness smiled on her.

Paige and her husband adopted the girl, and the good news was conveyed to her in the form of a gift. Inside the box was a note indicating that the girl would be adopted.

But they didn't just adopt her - they also adopted her younger brother and younger sister. Look at the moment when a black girl from an orphanage finds out that she will officially get loving parents.

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