Parrot Plays Peekaboo With Highway CCTV

Brazil-based road management company Arteris Planalto Sul shared a sympathetic scene captured by one of their traffic control cameras online.

In front of the lens was a curious parrot, which made many viewers around the world laugh.

The video from Brazil is already a real hit online, and the cute parrots will make you laugh from the  bottom of your heart.

The scene was filmed on a highway near the Brazilian city of Curitiba, and the parrot, according to the original description, also made the traffic supervisors who watched the scene live laugh. By doing so, the parrot obscured what was happening on the highway, which made it impossible for them to monitor drivers' offenses.

Take a look at a cute scene from a highway in Brazil where we can see a parrot as it obscures what's going on in traffic with its image.
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