People From India Try Cheesecake For The First Time

The web is surrounded by a video from India, in which we can follow the reaction of the locals when they tried cheesecake for the first time in their lives.

Judging by the responses, they were more than enthusiastic about the taste of the said dessert, and the video is already a real success online.

On the YouTube network alone, the video has reached almost a million views to date, and participants have more than enjoyed the taste of the dessert.

A cheesecak is a sweet dessert made up of one or more layers. The main and thickest layer consists of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs and sugar. The bottom layer most often consists of a crust or base of crushed biscuits, graham crackers, pastries or sometimes a biscuit.

Take a look at the reactions of people from India when they tried the cheesecake dessert for the first time in their lives. Are you also a big fan of cheesecake?
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