Perth Vegan Takes Neighbours To Court Over BBQ Cooking

Cilla Garden from Perth, Australia has been a vegan for many years, and has been fighting the battle in the courts since 2017 with her neighbors.

She is disturbed by the smell of grilled meat, and she is convinced that living with her neighbors is impossible!

She believes that grilling meat is a violation of law and order, because the scents invade her estate and thus spoil her daily routine. The courts have repeatedly dismissed her appeals, but Cilla still insists on her own - if the lawsuit is unsuccessful, it is immediately reinstated.

She has repeatedly declined friendly invitations from neighbors to socialize with them, but she does not want to hang out with people who have different opinion. After work of a masseuse she prefers to spend time in her home, but she is clearly disturbed by the smell of the grilling of meat.

She has not reaped any success in court, but is determined not to surrender. She has now drafted a 600-page appeal, and will go to another court.
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