Pianist Performs "Dance Monkey" At Metro Station In London

In March, a video landed on YouTube showing 22-year-old pianist Peter Buka, who comes from Hungary.

He impresses many of his followers online with numerous performances in which he tackles on well-known musical hits on the piano.

One of his biggest hits is a video in which he played the song "Dance Monkey" on the London Underground. With the song, the singer Tones and I shone in 2019, and the mentioned song is still very popular with many musicians and listeners.

Peter Buka started playing the song on a public piano on the London Underground, and with his performance he impressed many music lovers online. His video has already garnered more than 60 million views on the YouTube network alone.

Listen to a wonderful musical performance in which 22-year-old pianist Peter Buka from Hungary impressed many passers-by on the London Underground by playing the song "Dance Monkey".
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