Pilot Jumps Out Of A Plane, Crashes It Into The Mountains

One of the hits online is a video in which a pilot named Trevor Jacob captured a real drama.

He claims that the plane's engine failed during the flight, but according to many online users the whole incident is fake. No matter what, there is no lack of drama in the clip!

The video, which was published online by Trevor Jacob two weeks ago, is already a real success - it has reached more than 800,000 views on YouTube alone to date.

High in the air, the plane failed over the mountain, and the pilot could not find a suitable place for an emergency landing. That's why he jumped with a parachute and the plane crashed uncontrollably in the mountains.

The pilot claims that the whole event is genuine - many users do not agree with him, as they are convinced that the author of the video staged everything together in order to reap fame in such a way. Watch the video and be the judge for yourself!
Tim Stephenson
1 week ago
Well, so long as it was HIS plane...
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