Pit Bull Asks Her Rescuer To Hold Her Paw On The Way To The Vet

The web has been surrounded by a moving video these days in which good people rescued a stray dog, the pit bull breed.

The previous owners discarded her, and she had major difficulty walking due to past injuries.

The dog was rescued next to the road by Judy Obregon, founder of the TAO Animal Rescue. She saw that the dog was injured, so she sat her in the car and hurried with her to the vet.

She talked to the rescued dog all the time, and then she offered her hand - the dog placed her paw over the hand, and according to Judy, they drove like that for about 20 minutes. The scenes she captured have touched many animal lovers online.

The pit bull soon recovered and was then adopted by a loving family. She completely changed her behavior, but she never forgot Judy, who saved her life. She visited her once again at her new family, who describes the pit bull as the happiest dog in the world.
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