Pittie Can't Stop Pushing Her Snout Into Her Mom's Pregnant Belly

The web was surrounded by a sympathetic video in which all attention was stolen from a pregnant owner by a pit bull dog.

The pet could hardly wait for the arrival of a new family member, which he showed several times during the owner's pregnancy.

The dog named Ray showed great interest in the baby during the owner's first pregnancy. Unfortunately, the first pregnancy did not go according to plan, as it ended with a miscarriage.

The couple's happiness smiled later as they were expecting a baby again. This time, the dog Ray was even more protective, and by her actions alongside the pregnant owner, she took on many animal lovers.

She also showed great enthusiasm at the birth of her child, and the video reached more than 2 million views in just a few days. Take a look at what the pit bull dog was doing next to the pregnant owner.
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