Plane Stalls As Skydivers Prepare To Jump, Nearly Hits Them

In the past few days, a video has landed online where we can watch a real horror experience in the sky.

A group of skydivers jumped out of the plane when the pilot lost buoyancy and began to fall towards the ground with the plane.

The scene was filmed by one of the skydivers over the port city of Mossel Bay on the southern tip of South Africa, which is considered an important tourist and agricultural city. The plane lost buoyancy high in the sky, causing it to lose altitude quickly.

Just before that, a group of skydivers jumped out of the plane, and some of them experienced a close encounter with the plane, over which the pilot had no control for several seconds. Fortunately, he finally managed to gain control and land successfully.

Take a look at the video from South Africa, where we can follow the moment when the plane almost hit the skydivers in the air while falling.
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