Police Drop Everything To Save 9-Week-Old Puppy Choking On Food

The web is again surrounded by video from a surveillance camera at a police station in the city of North Reading in the US state of Massachusetts, when police officers were asked for help by the owner of the dog.

She ran to the police station with an unconscious puppy to save her pet's life.

Megan Vitale, the owner of a 9-week-old puppy named Bodhi, ran to the police station with him, accompanied by a friend, and asked the police there for help. Her dog was unconscious and could no longer breathe due to a piece of food stuck in his throat.

The police did everything in their power to save the puppy - the fight for his life lasted several minutes, and in the end the police only managed to revive the puppy.

The scenes captured by the security camera at the police station touched many animal lovers. See how good cops saved the life of an unconscious puppy.
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