Police In Switzerland Makes The Whole Planet Smile

During these difficult times, police officers from the town of Zug in Switzerland also circled the web, producing a really nice video.

They also danced to the hit 'Jerusalema', which was presented to the world last year by Master KG and female singer Nomcebo.

The police decided to make such a video for one reason only - they are aware that we live in very difficult times, and with their dance they want to make the day as beautiful as possible for the viewers and bring some smiles on their faces.

By dancing at the same time, they are informing the public that even police officers under uniforms are ordinary people who also like to indulge in fun and dancing.

Watch a beautiful video in which a Swiss police officers from the city of Zug prepared a dance choreography for last year's hit 'Jerusalema', presented by musicians Master KG and Nomcebo.
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