Police Try To Arrest Biker, Results Into Biggest Shock For His Girlfriend

Two years ago, a video clip was uploaded to the web, which has rounded up these days again among many. In the video we can see a scene from a gas station when one of the motorcyclists was surrounded by police officers.

With pistols in their hands, he was put on the floor, then his girlfriend came to stand between a motorcyclist and police officers.

Shawna Blackmon could only watch the scene in front of her in shock when the police wanted to arrest her boyfriend Daiwon McPherson. He was brought to his knees, followed by a scene that shook Shawna even more. The intervention of the police officers was actually faked, and Daiwon had a special reason for doing this.

When he was on his knees, he took the box from his pocket and then asked his Shawna if they would get married.

It is true that such a move was not the most romantic, but it was without a doubt very innovative. Would you say "yes" to your dear if he would proposed you in such way?
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