Porch Pirates Get Caught On Camera, Owner Delivers Instant Justice

Some people do not have any limits when they have the opportunity for their own benefit. This is not stopped even by the fact that they will harm others with their actions.

Such was the case in Sarasota, Florida, where the surveillance camera captured woman stealing the delivered package outside the house.

The surveillance camera promptly alerted the owner with motion detector, so he quickly went into action. He put on his clothes, took the keys of his car and went after the thief. Ho soon found a young couple during the ride, which had previously stolen the package from his house.

He called the police officers for help, only minutes later the police arrived and arrested both thiefs.

During the walk, the woman dropped the package, but the police officers, together with the owner of the package, made her admit it. That night she spent with her boyfriend in a separate cell at the police station.

Take a look at how the owner of the package gave robbers a lesson after being alerted by a surveillance camera to the unusual occurrence outside the house. Lesson learned?
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